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Srikurmam Temple is under the Administration of Andhra Pradesh State Endowments Department. The Executive Officer is the Officiating Authority. The main sources of Income are those from

  • Special darshan tickets
  • ARJITA SEWAS (Paid Rituals) like ABHISHEKAM etc..
  • Donations etc..

With very low Income levels, since many years, the Temple is facing severe Financial Problems. Kindly help the Temple improve its Financial Health. When visiting the Temple


Do’s in Srikurmam Temple are as follows:

  • Do drop all your offerings only in the hundi or handover in office against a receipt
  • Do pay for arjita sewas like abhishekam etc only in office against a receipt
  • Do approach only the office, if you intend to make any donations
  • Do respect ancient traditions & customs
  • Do bathe, wear clean clothes before entering the temple
  • Do atleast one pradakshina (keeping the shrine to your right) before darshan of the lord
  • Do switch off mobile phones till darshan
  • Do help women, children, elders, physically challenged in having their darshan
  • Do chant the ashtakshari mantra - " om namo narayanaya" while in 'q'
  • Do follow 'q' and not tip anybody for faster darshan
  • Do give atleast a day's advance information for abhishekam, kalyanam
  • Do deposit your offerings in the hundi only.


DON'Ts in Srikurmam Temple are as follows:

  • Do not tip or give money to anybody without a receipt
  • Do not throw away the prasadam and teertham given to you at the temple
  • Do not pay for Arjita Sewas like Abhishekam to anybody other than temple office
  • Do not get misled by anybody in the temple to visit or make donations to their personal mutts/trusts etc..
  • Do not enter the temple with bathing, wet clothes
  • Do not enter the temple with footwear, helmets, travel bags etc..
  • Do not carry any weapons into the temple
  • Do not smoke, consume alcoholic drinks, or eat non vegetarian food while in temple premises
  • Do not take photography in sanctum sanctorum
  • Do not carry coconuts, lights etc.. to sanctum sanctorum
  • Do not encourage beggars/ laziness
  • Do not spit or litter the premises - use dust bins
  • Do not encourage touts or brokers