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Srikurmam Shrine, as per Puranas, is encircled by Pancha Linga Kshetras (5 Shiva Temples) and Ashta (8) Tirthas spread over a distance of about 30 KiloMetres. This Triangular area between theTwo rivers & Sea - Nagavali , Vamsadhara and the Bay of Bengal is praised to be the Kali Yuga's Vaikuntham. It is said that Bala Rama (Elder brother of Sri Krishna), when he visited the Shrine during his Southern Pilgrimage, ordained that Srikurmam be the only Kurma Kshetra in the World and that no imitations be built for Kurmanadha anywhere else. He dug the earth and made a river to flow. This river is called "Nagavali" and flows around the Western periphery of Srikurmam Shrine alongwith the River "Vamsadhara" flowing on the Northern Periphery.

The Shiva Temple on the western periphery of Srikurmam Shrine is - Sri Uma Rudra Koteswara Temple on the banks of Nagavali river in Srikakulam Town (about 12 km from the main Srikurmam Temple). The Temple on the eastern border of Srikurmam Shrine is located at kalinga patnam (about 15 km from the main Srikurmam Temple).Similarly, the Northern & Southern border Temples of Shiva are located at Singupuram and Ippili Villages.The fifth Shiva Temple is located adjacent to the main Temple complex of Sri Kurmanadha.

The Ashta Tirthas (8) are -Narada Tirtham, Sudha Kundam, Chakra Tirtham, Madhava Tirtham, Kautilya Tirtham, Vakra Tirtham, Narasimha Tirtham & Mahodadhi located around the 20 mile Srikurma Kshetram. All these are worth a visit.