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Srikakulam District is known for its rich spread of Ancient Shrines, Renovated Mandirs of Reputed Trusts and well attended Mosques etc. There are also many Ashrams of Swamijis , including the first Tapovanam in the State near Palaasa Town, built on the lines of Ancient Rishi Culture. Apart from the very well managed Mandirs of ISKCON/Jeeyar Trust etc, there are about 821 Institutions in the District , managed by the AP State Endowments Dept. These Institutions are graded into A,B,C,D and E Categories depending upon the Annual Income levels. Out of these, 3 Temples are graded in 6A Category (Arasavalli,Srikurmam, Palakonda Temples), 16 in 6B Category, 784 Institutions in 6C Category and the remaining 18 Institutions in 6D Category.


The famous Sun God Temple situated in Arasavalli Village which is at a distance of about 1 K.M. east of SRIKAKULAM Town in Andhra Pradesh head quarters of the coastal district in Andhra Pradesh . It is one of the ancient and all among two sun God temples in our Country. According to Padmapuranam , Sage Kasyapa installed the Idol of Surya at Arasavalli for the Welfare of mankind . Therefore , the Surya is of Kasyapasa Gotra . He is also termed as planetary King . The ‘ Sthalapuranam ‘ of the temple narrates that lord Devendra had founded this temple and installed the existing idol of the sun God commonly known as Lord suryanarayana Swamy Varu under the following circumstances . Once Lord Devendra , Ignoring the words of Dwarapalaka Nandi , attempted to force his entry for Darshan of Sri Rudrakoteswara Swamy varu at an untimely hour when Lord siva was along with his consort . The Dwarapalaka Nandi in the discharge of his duties kicked the intruder.


Srimukhalingeswara Temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva located on the left banks of River Vamsadhara. Elegantly carved, this temple is a group of three temples dedicated to three forms of Lord Shiva namely, Mukhalingeswara, Bhimeswara and Someswara. The temple is built in Indo-Aryan style. To witness one of the marvellous sculptures, carvings and intricate architecture, one has to visit this temple. The architecture of the temple is so elegant that one just cannot move eyes from it. As you observe closely, you can see that every piece and corner of the temple is as excellent as the other. At the entrance, which is a huge arched gate, you are welcomed by two lions on each side of the few stair-cases. The first gate takes you to the outer prakara have where there is you a Nandi in a mandapam.


This Place is situated at the foot Mahendragiti which is at a distance of 26 kms.from Sompeta town.There is a fort which is considered to be the highest is south india and it is place of tourist interest.In this village the temple of Varahaswamy attracts the attention of the tourists .


Sangam is a village and a pilgrimage site in Vangara mandal in SRIKAKULAM district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is about 56 kilometers from SRIKAKULAM Town and 20 kilometers from Rajam. River Nagavali, Suvarnamukhi and Vegavati confluence takes place here. Hence it is a Triveni sangam similar to one well known in Allahabad. One of the five lingas of Lord Sangameswara is here. Thousands of devotees gather here on Maha Sivaratri Festival. Sangham is in Vangara Mandal, it is 56 Kms. from SRIKAKULAM. Here three rivers viz. Nagavali, Suvarnamukhi and Vegavathi merge together. The Sangameswara temple located here is one of the five linga kshetras, thousands of people congregate here on Mahasivaratri.